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Tsuro: Phoenix Rising (EN)

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€ 49,95
Tsuro: Phoenix Rising is a new entry in the classic Tsuro series. The game shares a bond with the foundations of the venerable original: play tiles, move pawns, and stay in play, but it introduces a revolutionary board that allows for the double-sided tiles to flip and rotate throughout the game, creating diverging paths and opening up new strategies.

Aantal spelers: 2-8
Best with: 4-6
Tijd: 20-60 minuten
Leeftijd: 7+
Taal: Engels
Complexiteit: Gemiddeld
Dicetower Judgement: -
Legacy: Nee
Coöp: Nee
  • Engels
  • 2
  • 30-60 min
  • 5 tot 8 jaar
  • 8 tot 10 jaar
  • 10 tot 12 jaar
  • 12 jaar of ouder